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About us

This site is made for and created by people with a significant financial interest. At Almvest, you'll find guides on how to get your new financial instruments to work and how to use them with other similar banks or applications. You'll also find guides on applications to use. We also talk a lot about investments as that's a big personal interest of the team running this website.

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These are different major topics you'll see on Almvest:

  • Credit card
  • Financial instruments & banking
  • Banking apps
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Investments

Although, you should note that we do not give out financial advice, and we always encourage our readers to do their own research.

Our Goal

There's a lot of risk and misinformation in the finance sector, and we aim to provide clear and easy-to-follow steps for our readers' questions. We wish to make finance and investments easier and simpler to understand.

No matter if you are searching for something within investments, credit cards, banking, or similar financial instruments. We write our articles to appease the beginners with easy-to-follow steps and lists and the more experienced audience with more thorough information.

This website was co-founded by William Westerlund & Jonathan Svensson which are both are crazy about finance, stocks, and business.

Our Team

William Westerlund

William Westerlund

Co-founder | Content & Marketing

With 5 years of experience being a webmaster and creating content online, William manages the content creation of Almvest. He considers the reader's experience first and foremost, which we think shows in the structure of our articles.

William invests in cryptocurrencies and the stock market and has a genuine interest in finance overall.

Jonathan Svensson

Jonathan Svensson

Co-founder | Business Development

Jonathan comes from a background within the fintech industry, where he co-founded and developed an app (Altpocket) within the crypto space. That, together with 5 years of building successful SEO-based websites, gives him the perfect prerequisites to grow Almvest and help even more people with their financial questions.

He is an avid investor in the stock market but has also been in the space of crypto and NFT investments.