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AEP Bill Pay: 4 Easy Ways to Pay Your Bill

AEP Bill Pay: 4 Easy Ways to Pay Your Bill

American Electric Power services a large portion of the United States. They have seven regulated companies under their main umbrella covering states such as Ohio, Texas, Indiana, Michigan, and Kentucky. If you are in their service area, you might be wondering about their AEP bill pay. 

You can pay your AEP bill by signing into their website for free. One-time payments without signing in and over-the-phone payments will both incur a small transaction fee. You can also drop a check in the mail to the address printed on the return envelope enclosed with your bill. 

For more information on how to pay your bill, this guide will help!

AEP Pay My Bill

Paying your bills online is the quick and convenient way to make sure your bill is paid on time. Fortunately, the American Electric Power bill can be quite easy to pay this way. If you want to pay your AEP bill online, you can head over to their main page before walking through the prompts to pay your bill. 

Because they service many different areas, you will first need to narrow down where your payment belongs. On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see a drop-down box for customer service. The first option in blue is labeled “Bills & Payments.” Click here to enter your zip code to be redirected to the appropriate bill pay page. 

AEP Bill Pay

Some people already know which of the power companies services their area. If you do, then you can simply select the name from the list to the right. From here, you should see an option to “Pay/View My Bill.”

Click here and it will take you to their login portal where you can easily view or pay your AEP bill online. 

The good news is that online AEP bill pay is completely free to use. You will never be charged an extra fee for managing your account online. Any checking account can be linked to your AEP account for easy and convenient use when it comes to paying the bill. 

If you are a new user, you may need to register for an account. There are five simple steps to register, starting with your email address and account number. It should take no more than a few minutes to get your account set up. 

AEP Pay as Guest

If you only want to make a one-time payment or you don’t have time to register for an account, you can opt to pay as a guest. It can be quite fast to sign in and pay for just a single bill. However, you will need some of your important information handy such as your electric account number and the phone number associated with your account.

You may also enter an email address, but this is an optional field. 

While it is very convenient to pay as a guest, it is not recommended that you do this frequently. Unlike accessing your account online and paying your bill, paying as a guest will incur an additional fee. 

AEP Bill Pay

For residential bills, you will be charged $1.85 per transaction. This may not seem like much, but it can really add up if you never register for an account. 

Commercial cards will require a slightly higher one-time payment fee. They will be charged 2.95 percent of the payment.

AEP Bill Pay Phone Number

Finding the AEP bill pay phone number might be a bit more challenging. Because there are several different companies, you might have a hard time locating the actual phone number that you need to call to pay your bill on time. 

Many of the regulated companies utilize BillMatrix to allow you to make immediate payments by phone. This allows you to pay via a credit or debit card, certain ATM cards, or via an e-check. Before you dial in, make sure to have your account number available for the customer service representative to help them locate your account. 

The BillMatrix phone number to call is 1-800-611-0964. 

This number is for all of the following companies: 

  • AEP Ohio
  • Appalachian Power
  • Indiana Michigan Power
  • Kentucky Power
  • PSO

An additional fee will be added onto your payment for this method. It is the same transaction fee that applies to one-time payments. You will pay $1.85 per transaction for residential and 2.95 percent of the payment for a commercial card. 

AEP Bill Pay

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Paying by Mail

AEP bill pay is easiest when taken care of online or over the phone. However, some people prefer the option to drop a check in the mail. 

In most cases, you can mail your payments directly to the address printed on the return envelope sent to you with your electric bill. This takes the guess work out of where you need to send payment. 

Be sure to enclose the top portion of your bill with your check to ensure payment gets credited to the proper account. If you do not enclose the top portion of the bill, you need to include your name, service address, and electric account number. 

Keep in mind that payments sent by mail can take up to eight days to process. 

AEP Bill Pay

AEP Bill Pay

Paying your bill online is the fastest way to manage your account. When you sign in and enroll in autopay, you are not even charged a fee. One-time AEP bill pay and phone transactions will incur a small fee in addition to your bill. If you need help paying your AEP bill, these tips should help!