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Affiliate Marketing: Writing Forex and Cryptocurrency Articles

Affiliate Marketing: Writing Forex and Cryptocurrency Articles

Your affiliate marketing journey can move from an additional source of revenue to a profitable business in just a few months if you use the right method to promote the different services you are affiliated with.

The niches of Finance, Forex and Cryptocurrency are particularly lucrative and offer one of the highest commissions in affiliate marketing. Your website will generate passive income in no time. The main condition to respect is to keep it active and publish quality content.

What is affiliate marketing in Forex and Cryptocurrencies?

In the Forex niche, affiliate marketing is the promotion of online broker services through your blog or website. You will receive a reward each time one of your visitors opens an account with a broker, and fund his account.

This marketing can also be done through social networks, forums, or even on a private messaging app. However, the most effective and sustainable method remains blogging. Blog articles are not only indexed by search engines, but they can also be shared on social networks.

How does affiliate  marketing work?

First of all, you must register as a partner with a broker (or a crypto-exchange platform) of your choice. Through their platform, they provide you with a number of tools to do your marketing: links and promotional images, for example.

Then you simply put these affiliate links on your website. When a potential trader visits the broker’s site and creates an account through your referral links, he becomes your referred trader. Later, when he or she funds his or her trading account, you will receive a commission from the broker. The amount of this commission can be up to $1200 depending on the deposit amount of the trader you referred.

There are 3 types of rewards: Pay Per Click (PPC), RevShare and CPA (Cost Per Acquisition).

With the PPC, you are rewarded with a small amount each time a visitor clicks on your referral link. Financially, the other two models are more interesting.

The CPA is a fixed commission, paid when a visitor creates an account, credits it and starts trading. In the Forex industry, the minimum CPA is $150. And it can go up to $1,200 as shown in the image below.

The RevShare is just as interesting. It allows you to gradually earn commissions based on the trading volume of your referred traders. As long as they are still active, you will receive your commissions. If you have the chance to refer a high-volume trader, you can easily earn $10,000 per month.

All brokers have an affiliate program. By joining several programs at once, you will increase your passive income sources.

But first, you need to create a blog or website to attract your traders!

Why create Forex and cryptocurrency  content?

A highly lucrative niche

The Forex and Crypto niche (or finance in general) is the most lucrative niches in online marketing. When you promote Amazon products, you need a large number of visitors per month to generate 4-digit revenue.

On the other hand, in the Forex industry, commissions are so high that even with a low-traffic website, you can earn a decent income. In fact, 1000 visitors per month are enough to make your website profitable.

Of these 1000 visitors, it is enough for 5 people to open and fund their accounts with your brokers to allow you to generate $1000 per month (assuming that your average CPA is $200).

Five conversions are not a big number! I am convinced that you will be able to do more.

Traders Take Into Account the Opinions of Others

Whether it is to choose their online broker or to subscribe to a trading signal service, traders are always looking for advice on the service in question before going for it. By writing broker reviews, you are sure to attract a lot of visitors to your site.

Traders will first do a quick search for brokers in general, then restrict their choice to 2 or 3 brokers, for example, Dukascopy and Pepperstone.

By giving your detailed opinion on these 2 brokers, you will allow readers to compare them in order to make the choice that suits them. They could even opt for both brokers through your referral links. It is, therefore, possible to earn several commissions with the same visitor.

Traders Are Looking for Trading Strategies

There are countless trading strategies. Therefore, you should offer your visitors the most relevant trading strategies. This will give you more credibility because you will show them that you are not only promoting services you are affiliated with, but also providing quality educational content.

For example, you can create a section on strategies based on technical indicators, another dedicated to price action or Japanese candlesticks. These strategies apply to all markets, including Forex and the crypto-market.

Each article must be supplemented with illustrative images showing graphic patterns. You will not be able to convince your readers by publishing only raw texts.

It is important to create some technical content and show that you are an expert in the field. This will set you apart from other sites, because broker reviews are published everywhere around the internet!

No need to be an expert!

You may be wondering how you will be able to create technical content for your visitors. Don’t worry! You can now outsource the writing of your articles.

With affordable writing services, you can publish technical content on Forex, Blockchain or crypto at a lower cost. Given the profitability of this niche, you can make your website profitable in just 5 months and start earning passive income from it!


Affiliate marketing on Forex and crypto has become highly competitive and lucrative due to the increasing popularity of these financial instruments. However, this niche is far from being saturated and you still have the full opportunity to refer newcomers to this industry.