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Altpocket is now a part of the Almvest group.

Altpocket is now a part of the Almvest group.

Altpocket was founded in may by Jonathan Svensson (that have also co-founded & Edwin Flatulent in 2017. In less then one year the plattform had reached over 100,000 users by creating a really ground breaking tool to track all your cryptocurrencies investments in one place. Altpocket where one of the first tools that let users import all there trading data through API's which removed the manual processing of all the massive amount of trading data that was not uncommon by traders.

Unfortunately the team was not able to successfully scale the team and technical side of things up quickly enough, but both founders are really grateful for all the users and people that helped them on the journey.

Altpocket in 2017

Why did the Almvest group acquire the Altpocket domain

The plan moving forward is that by using the resources generated by Almvest and the community of over 70,000 monthly readers, pivot the idea about Altpocket and make a useful tool for cryptocurrency, where people can verify projects and get important data for both users and investors in the blockchain technology. In the mean time feel free to check out our stock comparison tool.

What is Almvest all about?

This website has one mission and that is to help over 100 million people every month with there finance related questions, it can be most things like questions regarding credit cards, loans, stocks or Cryptocurrencies, here is an example of two articles: The best place to earn interest with bitcoin and Coinbase Vs eToro.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us or read more on our about us page.