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AT&T Universal Card: Benefits, Login, and Payments

AT&T Universal Card: Benefits, Login, and Payments

If you spend a lot of money on AT&T products and services, enrolling in their credit card program might help slash your monthly bills. The AT&T Universal card comes with a lot of benefits backed by Citibank. You can accrue rewards while still easily making payments on your monthly statement. 

The AT&T Universal card comes in two varieties: The Universal Savings Platinum card and the Universal Savings and Rewards Card. Both have great benefits for AT&T customers and more general benefits offered by Citi. The payment login information is found on Citi’s page.

If you are ready to learn more about how these cards could benefit you and how to manage them, let’s take a closer look. 

AT&T Universal Card Benefits

For those who spend a lot of money on AT&T products and services, you may want to investigate their Universal cards. This company has partnered with Citi to offer two credit cards that offer a host of benefits to cardholders. If you want to save money and receive free perks like mobile phone insurance, this card might be right for you. 

The AT&T Universal cards give cardholders a 10 percent savings for the first year and then a 5 percent savings after on every dollar spent on AT&T products and services equal to the amount spent on other purchases.

This savings is reflected as a billing statement credit during the corresponding billing period. It can save cardholders up to $350 per calendar year. 

Other benefits depend on which card you enroll in, the Universal Savings Platinum Card or the Universal Savings and Rewards Card. Both offer a 12-month introductory promotion with a 0 percent APR on balance transfers.

They also offer two free directory assistance calls per month, 30 prepaid phone minutes, and free mobile phone insurance. 

The AT&T Universal Savings and Rewards Card offers additional benefits. They offer rewards points through Citi’s ThankYou Network with one point for every dollar spent on non-AT&T products or services. You can earn up to 50,000 points per year. 

The card also have benefits from Citi, including: 

  • $0 liability on unauthorized purchases
  • Retail purchase protection
  • 24-hour fraud protection
  • Citi Identity Theft Solutions
  • Auto rental insurance
  • Emergency travel assistance
  • Travel accident insurance

AT&T Universal Card Login

When it comes time to pay your credit card bill, you need to know how to make a payment easily and quickly.

Online payments are often the fastest and most convenient way to make sure your payment is made on time. Where do you go for the AT&T Universal Card login?

Many people would assume that they go to the AT&T website, but you actually head over to Citi’s website. You can sign in on their main page dedicated to this card. 

If this is your first time signing on, you will need to register first. You can do so by clicking on the “Register for Online Access” button beneath the login information. You will need the card number or account number to begin the process. 

Once you log on, you have access to a wide variety of features that will keep you up to date with your billing. You can view account summaries, current or past statements, and pay your bills online. 

Making an AT&T Universal Card payment is easy once you are logged in. Enter your user ID and password first, and then click the “sign on” button at the bottom of the screen. From here, you will follow these instructions: 

  1. Select “Pay Bill.”
  2. Enter the payment amount you wish to make (minimum balance, statement balance, or a custom amount). 
  3. You will need to enter your checking account details so make sure to have your account number and routing number available. 
  4. Click submit to send your AT&T Universal Card payment. 

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AT&T Universal Card

Making an AT&T Universal Card Payment: Other Methods

If your internet just won’t cooperate with you, there are other options for paying your bill. You can choose to either pay via phone or drop a check in the mail. You should always have these two payment options saved somewhere, just in case you need to utilize them. 

To pay by phone, you can call 1-877-288-4577. 

This phone line operates 24/7, so you can always call in to pay your bill when it is most convenient for you. 

Sometimes, you might prefer to mail a check to pay your bill. While this is a valid option, you need to ensure that you mail it in time. Send checks at least five business days before your due date to ensure that it arrives on time. 

If you plan to mail a check, the address is: 

AT&T Universal Card
P.O. Box 183037
Columbus, OH 43218-3037

Remember to always include your account number in the memo field on the check. This helps them to figure out which account they should apply your funds to. The account number is always located on your statement for quick reference. 

Making an AT&T Card Payment Easily

The good news is that paying your AT&T Universal card bill is quick and easy. There are several methods to go about it so that you can remain in good standing and keep accruing rewards. Head over to Citi’s website and explore everything you can do with your quick and easy login.