eToro vs. Firstrade: Trying To Find The Best Broker

Most traders are familiar with eToro, especially if you’re into CFDs. Firstrade is a different case because it is specifically meant for the long-term investor. That being said, there is nothing to stop you from using eToro for long term investment or Firstrade for speculation since the tools are there. So, why not highlight what … Read more

eToro vs. AvaTrade: Battling It Out For Supremacy

AvaTrade was launched in 2006, and a year later in 2007 eToro was launched. In the years that followed, these two brokers have become market leaders by creating innovative products and signing up millions of customers. We thought these two are worthy competitors and what better way to find the winner than through a head … Read more

eToro vs Trading 212: Let’s Decide Which Is Better

For traders, the problem is no longer a lack of investment avenues as it was before but rather an overwhelming number of options. Two popular options that really stand out are eToro and Trading 212, both of which offer real assets as well as CFDs trading to their clients. If you’re stuck deciding which of … Read more

eToro vs. XM: Which One Will Claim The Top Spot?

For over a decade, eToro and XM have been competing to become the leading Forex and CFD broker. The battle has been very fierce because both brokers have a lot of exciting features and services to offer, but unfortunately, you can only pick one. This broker comparison is meant to help you choose wisely because … Read more

eToro vs. XTB: Comparing Two Excellent CFD Brokers


Trading the financial market and making a profit can be quite difficult. But having the right broker would make your chances much better, which is why it is so important to choose wisely. Two of the most highly recommended brokers around the world are eToro and XTB, but you can only choose one. To help … Read more

eToro vs. Coinbase: Choose What’s Best For You Today

Where do you prefer to get your morning coffee? Regardless of your decision, you must have made that decision after considering every aspect of that outlet’s service. The same decision process should be applied when selecting an online retail broker. Which is where eToro and Coinbase come in. Both of these companies have great trading … Read more

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