Understanding Preference Shares vs Ordinary Shares

Preference shares vs ordinary shares

Whether you are an investor or the CEO of a startup, understanding preference shares vs ordinary shares can make or break your bank. While not incredibly difficult to comprehend it’s worth taking the time to understand. The key concept to understanding preference shares vs ordinary shares is that preference shares are usually taken on by … Read more

Activate Your Macy’s Credit Card

macys credit card activation

Getting a Macy’s credit card is exciting and especially perfect if you have some major shopping to do. If you haven’t already got yours fired up for Black Friday then we have you covered right here. While the process on how to activate your Macy’s credit card may be straightforward to some, it can be … Read more

Can My Parents See My Transactions?

Can My Parents See My Transactions

Financial independence is important to young adults and many often wonder, “can my parents see my transactions?” The answer isn’t always the same for everyone. However, it is worth looking into the terms of your Paypal or bank account to see if they are an authorized user or not.  So, can my parents see my … Read more