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Cash App ATM |🥇 How Your Cash App Card Works With Them

Cash App ATM |🥇 How Your Cash App Card Works With Them

Cash App is a great online bank for bringing all of your funds into one convenient place. You can spend those funds with ease using the Cash App card and deposit more when you need to. It's also one of the best ways to send money to family and friends since there are no fees between users. However, things are slightly different when it comes to using Cash App with an ATM. In this guide, we're going to cover everything you need to know about using the service with an ATM as you would any bank card.

Cash App charges a $2 fee for all ATM transactions using your Cash App card, and Cash App works at any ATM. All fees charged by the ATM will be charged on top of this $2 fee. Cash App will refund three ATM fees for every 31 day period, up to $7 per fee, if you make a regular deposit of $300 into your account within that same period.

What are the Cash App ATM Fees?


Cash App has a single fee for all ATM transactions of $2. Regardless of how much you're withdrawing, you'll be charged this amount by the bank for the service. This fee will be added to the total amount that you're taking out of the ATM.

For example, You may wish to withdraw $100 from an ATM. For this you will be charged $102 because the Cash App fee also needs to be paid. If you don't have enough funds in your account to cover the fee, then you will be forced to withdraw less cash so that you can also pay the fee.

You will also need to make sure that you have enough money in your account to cover the fee that the ATM charges as well. In most cases, this is a flat rate, but some ATMs will charge a percentage of the cash you withdraw.

For another example. If you are withdrawing $100, and the ATM charges $1.50, you will actually be taking $103.50 out of your account. This covers the $100 you need, the $2 fee for Cash App, and the $1.50 charge for the ATM.

Cash App Fee Refunds


As we mentioned above, Cash App will refund some fees when you meet particular criteria. That criteria is depositing at least $300 into your account over every 31 day period. As long as you are doing that, Cash App will refund up to three fees incurred at ATMs.

The refunds that Cash App provides cover more than just their $2 fee. They will refund three ATM fees of up to $7 each.

Let's use our second example above. The one where you were charged $103.50. In this instance, Cash App would refund the $3.50 to your account that you were charged for using the ATM.

If you had three of this sort of fee in a 31 day period and deposited $301 in that same period. Then all of the fees would be refunded.

This is why so many users like Cash App. The fact that they can claim back ATM fees makes the bank worth using. Most people don't need to use physical cash to buy anything these days. A card or app is enough. When you have the option to withdraw cash and know you won't incur any fees, it does nothing but give you peace of mind about how you're handling your money.


How do I Withdraw Money From a Cash App ATM?

The only way to withdraw money from your Cash App account through an ATM is by using your Cash App card. The process is the same as with any other card. Insert the card, enter your PIN, and follow the options to withdraw money.

What ATM Can I Use for my Cash App Card?

Cash App cards can be used in any ATM. There are no restrictions on the type of ATM you can use unless the ATM is exclusively for a certain bank's customers. The only difference between ATMs when it comes to your Cash App card is the fee that they will charge you for using them.


Cash App is an incredibly convenient bank, but they want you to make the most of their services. That's why they'll refund the $2 ATM fee they charge. Plus whatever fee the ATM has charged you, up to three times every month. All you need to do is deposit at least $300 every month, or make them your primary bank.

Now you know all about Cash Apps fees for ATMs. You might also be interested to learn about the fees for cashing checks at Walmart. Check out our guide here to learn more.