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How Long Does Chime Mobile Check Deposit Take? 🥇

How Long Does Chime Mobile Check Deposit Take? 🥇

Chime is an app for saving, spending, sending, or receiving money. There are plenty of different ways to add money to your Chime account. However, in this article, we'll specifically focus on Chime's function that allows you to deposit money through a check with their app and how long you'll have to wait to see the money in your account. What follows is our guide to how long it takes for a mobile check deposit to register in your Chime account.

A Direct Deposit is the fastest situation in which a mobile check will clear. The money will move over instantaneously. Bank transfers through the Chime app or website can take up to five business days, and bank transfers from an external account can take up to three business days. Any returns on merchandise can take up to five days to clear as well. Finally, cash through Green Dot will be transferred within two hours.

  1. Direct Deposit – Instant
  2. Bank Transfer Through Chime App or Website – Up to five business days.
  3. Bank Transfer From External Account – Up to three business days.
  4. Cash Through Green Dot – Within two hours.
  5. Returns on Merchandise – Between three and five business days.

1. Direct Deposit


Time from sent till received: Instant

As we covered in our guide to adding money to Chime accounts, a Direct Deposit is the easiest and quickest method. You can send and receive a Direct Deposit just by providing your account number and routing number.

In many cases, users prefer for their employers to pay them through this method into their Chime account.

However, the employer will need to fill out a Deposit form before this can happen. You'll find this form in ”Move Money  —> Email me a pre-filled direct deposit form to send the completed form to yourself.”

Regardless of who is paying you via Direct Deposit, it should be an instant process. As soon as the money has left the payer's account, it should be in your Chime account.

If it isn't, there's a chance that the payer's bank has flagged the transaction for some reason. This might happen in the first instance of a Direct Deposit since a transfer to Chime will be newest, and therefore most suspicious, on the payer's account.

However, every time after that, the Direct Deposit should be instant.

2. Bank Transfer Through Chime App or Website


Time from sent till received: Up to five business days

When it comes to methods of Chime deposit that take a long time, this is one of the longest. It is also the most common method of depositing money into a Chime account though.

If you're being sent money from a bank account that isn't Chime, or even from another online bank, the process is going to be slow. While Chime says that it won't take more than five business days, they can't be more specific than that. It's all to do with the internal processes behind the scenes at each bank.

It's important to know that Federal Holidays are excluded from the five business day transfer period. If the transfer window includes a Federal Holiday, then it will take additional days to clear.

3. Bank Transfer From External Account


Time from sent till received: Up to three business days

External bank accounts won't take quite as long as bank transfers. Chime says that they will take up to three business days instead of the five required for bank transfers. Just how long the transfer takes is down to the bank that the transfer is coming from.

If the bank is usually quite fast, then the transfer should be just as fast. However, if you're waiting for a notoriously slow bank, be prepared to wait the full three days.

Once again, it's important to bear Federal Holidays in mind. All banks will add in additional days to transfer windows when a Federal Holiday is involved.

4. Cash Through Green Dot


Time from sent till received: Within two hours

When you're getting cash from Green Dot, it should come into your Chime account within two hours. This is because Green Dot is another online bank, and the process of transferring money from one to the other is fairly quick and painless.

5. Returns on Merchandise

returns on merchandise

Time from sent till received: Between three and five business days

If you're waiting for money to be returned to your account for some merchandise you've exchanged, you may be waiting for up to five business days. Officially Chime puts this time between three and five business days.

I'd say that most businesses will wait as long as they can before they have to return the money though, so five days is a much safer bet.

Federal Holidays may not affect this type of deposit at all. Since the businesses you'll probably be getting a return from will operate at weekends, their returns can likely be processed over the weekend as well.


Unfortunately, there's a lot of variation between how long a check can take to deposit on your Chime mobile app. The bank is incredible for so many different services. But speeding up deposits isn't one of those services.

This is all because of the other banks that are involved in the process. The fastest way for you to get money into your Chime account is with a Direct Deposit because it's instant. Any other process of moving money could take up to five business days.

If that sounds like a long time, it's not. This is the standard amount of time for cash to be moved between accounts, I'm afraid.