How to Send Money From Cash App to Paypal |βœ… Not Straightforward

Cash App is a fantastic online bank. It doesn't charge users fees for transferring money when it's between users, and it works with quite a number of other online banks. However, at the time of writing, Cash App and Paypal don't work together. That doesn't mean that it's impossible to send money from Cash App to Paypal, but it is a bit more complicated than sending it from Cash App to Venmo, for example. In this guide, we're going to cover exactly how you can send money between these banks as easily as possible.

Cash App doesn't allow you to transfer to Paypal at this time. However, if you need to move money from your Cash App account into your Paypal one, you can do so by moving the money through your bank account.

As we've explained above, there's no way to transfer your money directly between these two online banks. Instead, you need to use a third bank account as a bridge between the two. This third account should be a major bank, one that's likely to have brick and mortar locations on the high street.

When you've chosen the bank that you want to use, then follow these steps, and you'll be able to transfer money as you wish.

1. Add the Bank Account to Cash App

  • Tap the ‘$‘ icon
  • Tap ‘Add Bank Account
  • Type in your bank account's card details

To do this, you'll need to open Cash App and tap the ‘$‘ icon in the bottom-left of the screen. This will take you to a new screen that displays your balance. Here you need to press the ‘Add Bank Account‘ button.

At this point, you will be asked for the card details for the card associated with the bank account you've chosen to use for this process. You'll need the following details of that card.

  • The long card number across the front of the card
  • The expiry date
  • The last three digits on the back of the card

With all of this information, you'll be able to add the card, and therefore the bank, to your Cash App account.

2. Cash Out to the Bank Account

  • Press the ‘$‘ sign
  • Tap the ‘Cash Out‘ button
  • Type in the amount to send and press ‘Cash Out
  • Select the bank account to send the money to
  • Choose whether to send the money instantly or via standard transfer

Now you need to navigate back to your balance screen and press the ‘$‘ sign again. Instead of adding another account, you next need to press the ‘Cash Out‘ button. This will open a popup that requires you to type in the amount of cash you want to send.

Type in the amount you want to send, and tap ‘Cash Out‘ again. Now you will select the bank account that you want to send money to. Select the bank you just added.

At this point, you have two options. You can send the money via standard transfer, which can take up to one week to go through or opt for an instant transfer. An instant transfer will happen the same moment you send the money, but it will cost you $10 or 1% of the amount sent, whichever is cheapest. Please note that the minimum is $0.25 though.

3. Add the Bank Account to Paypal

  • Select the ‘My Money‘ option under the ‘Account‘ menu
  • Select ‘Update‘ from the ‘Bank Account‘ section
  • Add your bank account
  • Confirm the bank account

Now that you've sent the money, it's time to add the bank account to your Paypal account. This is just as easy as it is with Cash App.

Log into your Paypal account, and under the ‘Account‘ menu, select the option to ‘My Money.' In the ‘Bank Account' section, you now need to press ‘Update.'

Now you can enter the details of your bank account. You will need the following.

  • Bank name
  • Name and address associated with the account
  • Sort code/routing number
  • Bank account number

At this point, there are two options. If you choose to ‘Confirm Instantly,' then you can use mobile banking with this bank account to confirm the bank account. If not, then you'll have to wait for 2-3 business days before the account is confirmed.

4 Transfer the Money From Your Bank to Paypal

  • Under the ‘My Account' menu select ‘Add Money
  • Select the bank account
  • Define the amount you are transferring
  • Confirm the transfer

Once the money from Cash App is in your bank account, it's time to transfer it to Paypal. Choose the ‘Add Money‘ option under the ‘My Account‘ menu. Now you need to choose the bank account that you transferred money to from Cash App. You can have multiple bank accounts linked to Paypal, but we need the one with the funds from Cash App for this example.

Now you need to choose the amount that you want to withdraw from your bank account. It should be the same as the amount that you sent from Cash App. Then submit and confirm the process.

This transfer will take up to 5 business days. Keep checking your Paypal account to see when the money comes through.


That's how you transfer money from Cash App to Paypal. We know that it's an incredibly complicated process, but it's the only way you can do it right now. Until Cash App opens up their bank accounts to allow Paypal, you can't send money directly from one to the other.