How to Send Money to Chime From Chase βœ… | Moving Between Accounts

Chase Bank is as reliable as they come. However, there's no reason to restrict yourself to just one bank account when you can have your money working for you. Chime is an online account that you can access from your phone and even use as a form of payment if you need to. It's fast becoming one of the most common ways to pay for goods with merchants as well. If all of your money is being sent to your Chase account, you need to be able to transfer it across to use it where it's most convenient to you. To make life even easier, we put together the following guide for how to send money to Chime from Chase.

How to transfer money to Chime from Chase:

  1. Log into your Chime account

  2. Select the Move Money option

  3. Now select the Transfers option

  4. Enter your Chase account details when prompted

  5. Test the accounts have linked successfully

1. Log Into Your Chime Account

This first step should show you that this isn't anything like transferring money from Chime to Paypal. What we're doing here is linking a separate bank account to your Chime account to use it as a source of funds.

As you may have guessed, all you need to do to start this process is log into your Chime account online. You can do that on Chime's official website here. Once you're in, you can get to the next step.

2. Select the Move Money Option

Now that you've logged into your Chime account, you can access all of the services available to account holders. The key one we're looking for now is the Move Money option. This is an option you'll find in the main menu, and it will take you to an entirely new set of options.

3. Now Select the Transfers Option

The Transfers option is the one you need to select on this next screen. This is the section where you can send money to Chime from Chase, but also from a number of other linked accounts.

4. Enter Your Chase Account Details When Prompted

Once you've selected the Transfers option, you'll be taken to a new screen where you will be prompted to add details of a new account you wish to link. This is where you'll be entering your Chase bank account details, so make sure you have them to hand.

The Chime system will tell you what information you need to put into it in order to link the two accounts. Enter this information, and only this information; otherwise, you may cause issues with linking the accounts.

Once you've added the details, confirm the data, and wait for Chime to process it. What should happen is that the accounts will be linked, and you can instantly access money from your Chase account within your Chime account.

5. Test the Accounts Have Linked Successfully

While Chime says that your accounts should be linked automatically once you've added your Chase bank account details, I think you should test this before heading out to make a payment or transfer.

Make a small transfer of $1 from your Chase account to your Chime spending account. See if it works. If you come up against an issue, then you know that you've entered some details incorrectly. However, if the transfer works fine, then you can move on and transfer all the money you need from your Chase account to your Chime one.

How to Send Money to Chime From Chase on the Chase Bank Website


The steps we've outlined above are perfect for anyone who wants to link their Chase account to their Chime account. That's what Chime was designed for, and it's why the whole process is so easy. However, you can also make a transfer directly from Chase.

You can do this by logging into your Chase bank account on their official website here. Now you'll need to add your Chime account as a payee and transfer money directly to it. This might be easier for some users who don't want to put their Chase bank details into their Chime app.

There are limits on the amount you can transfer though. See the following section for a guide to those limits.

What are my Chime Account Transfer Limits?


Just like any bank, Chime has limits on the amount of money you can transfer into your spending account. While your accounts are linked instantly, you can't access all of that money at once.

There is a limit of a maximum of $200 per day that can be transferred into your Chime account. You can't do this every day though. There's another limit of $1,000 per month that you can transfer into the same account.

Finally, there is a standard time period of five business days for all transfers. Most payments will be faster than this, but Chime asks all users to allow up to this period of time for all transfers to be processed.

How Do I Transfer More Than $1,000 to my Chime Account?


Chime's limitations exist because of the banking system they use. However, there is a way to get around them. The limits Chime have in place apply to the amount you transfer into your spending account using either the Chime website or app.

If you transfer money from an external bank account, such as Chase, using their website or app, Chime's limits don't apply. However, these external banks may have their own limits in place that will affect any transfers you make.

While this is a way to get around Chime's limits, you should also check the limits on the external bank you wish to use before making a transfer.


That is everything you need to know about how to send money to Chime from Chase. Both of these banks are excellent for how easy they are to use, and how convenient they are. As this guide shows though, there are some aspects to watch out for.

The most important thing is that you don't go into an unplanned overdraft. That's where banks can sting you with fees, and no one wants that. Take note of exactly how much you have in each account, and only transfer exactly what you need. You never know where and when you might need the rest of your money.