Can I Use Chime Without my Card? |πŸ₯‡ How to Access it Using Your Phone

We've all done it. One minute our card is there in our wallet, purse, or bag, and when we come to use it, it's gone. This has happened to everyone at least once, and it can lead to some truly awkward situations. If, for example, you need to get some cash out to pay a friend or your part of a meal, but you don't have your card, you're going to have to borrow some money fast. Luckily you can use Chime without your card to avoid all of this. What follows is our summary and a quick guide on how to access your money regardless of whether you've got that card or not.

To access your money through Chime without a card, you'll need your phone. Open the app and request a withdraw. Now use the Mobile Cash Access option on the ATM, scan the QR code with your phone, and grab your cash when the ATM offers it.

How Can I Use Chime Without my Card?

  1. Open Chime and request a cash withdrawal
  2. Select the Mobile Cash Access option on the ATM
  3. Scan the ATM's QR code with your phone while in the banking app
  4. Take your money when the ATM provides it

As you can see, accessing your money from Chime without an account is extremely straightforward. It's the same as with any other bank that has a cardless ATM network in place.

The first thing you need to do is open the Chime app and request a cash withdrawal. This should take you through a step-by-step process in the app. The next stage will require input on the ATM itself.

On the ATM, select the option for ‘Mobile Cash Access.' This is what Chime and many other banks use to ensure that their customers can get money when they need it most. If the ATM you're at doesn't have this option, you will need to find one that does. We recommend using ATM locator because it will provide all of the information on the ATMs closest to you.

With the option selected, you now need to scan the ATM with your phone. This should be part of the process that the Chime app takes you through itself. Hold the camera so that it is facing the ATM, and scan the QR code. The ATM will also prompt you to do this and should show you where the QR code is if it's not immediately obvious.

That's all there is to it. The ATM will now provide the cash you have requested. While this is a good option for when you don't have your card, it should be noted that using your card will always be faster and more secure. Don't make a habit of withdrawing cash using your phone.

What is a Cardless ATM Network?


To make all of this possible, Chime uses a cardless ATM network. Their partners are MoneyPass and Visa Plus Alliance (VPA). If you see an ATM that is part of these two networks, then you will be able to withdraw money from them without your Chime card.

There are limits though. With Chime, you can only withdraw up to $500 per day from any ATM, and there is a $2.50 charge for every withdrawal.


It's very possible to withdraw cash from your Chime account without using the card. As long as you have your phone, you can access your money when you need it using the cardless ATM network. If you need more than $500 though, you may have to find an alternative since that's the limit on Chime's ATM withdrawals.

Now that you know how to access your Chime money without the card, it might be time to pick up a new one. Check out our guide on how to activate it for when it arrives here.

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