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Cash Debit from Unsettled Activity: What You Need to Know

Cash Debit from Unsettled Activity: What You Need to Know

Have you noticed that you have a cash debit from unsettled activity on your Fidelity account? This term is often seen on account statements, but it tends to confuse users. They do not understand whether their money is coming or going. 

A “cash debit from unsettled activity” is a negative value that will be taken from your account when everything settles. It represents a recent withdrawal from your account or a recent purchase. It can take two to three business days for funds to settle at Fidelity. 

We saw that most users asking about this are using Fidelity, but it's usually the same if you use Ally or any other bank.

Here is everything you need to know about a cash debit on your account. 

What is Cash Debit from Unsettled Activity? 

If you have spent much time trading or if you are new to investing, you might eventually happen upon a cash debit from unsettled activity in your account. What exactly does this term mean and what should you do about it? 

A cash debit is simply a negative value that will be taken from your account at settlement. 

What does this cash debit come from?

It typically denotes a recent withdrawal or purchase. In other words, a cash debit is the amount of money you owe on the stocks you purchased in the past few days. It takes a couple of days to clear and for the amount to be debited from your account. 

Fidelity often takes two to three days for cash debits to settle. During this time, you will see a cash debit show up as a negative amount on your statement. On the settlement date, the funds will actually be paid and taken out of your core or cash balance. 

Cash Debit from Unsettled Activity

For more information on how to add cash to Cash App, we have another complete article here. 

How Long Does It Take to Settle Funds at Fidelity? 

If you have noticed a cash debit on your account statement, you might be wondering when that money will actually be subtracted from your core. For those who recently sold some of their assets, you might be waiting on a cash credit to hit your account so that you can buy more stocks. 

How long does it actually take to settle funds at Fidelity

Fidelity requires two business days to settle stock trades with your core account. Some people say that it may take up to three days to see the difference in your core. While you may want to tie up those loose ends as quickly as possible, you will have to be a bit patient with this platform while it works to settle funds. 

Options trades settle a bit faster than your typical stock purchase. This takes just one business day, so be prepared to see the changes happen more quickly in your accounts. 

Cash Debit from Unsettled Activity

Can I Use Cash Credit from Unsettled Activity? 

If you have a cash credit on your account, this means that you have some money coming to you soon. Unlike a cash debit, a cash credit means more money will be added to your core instead of subtracted. 

You will see this cash credit show up the day you make a trade and sell stocks, as well as for the following two business days that it takes for funds to settle at Fidelity.

Many people wonder whether they can use this cash credit from unsettled activity to reinvest in new positions and assets. At Fidelity, the answer appears to be yes. They will allow you to make purchases based on the cash credit that is due to you. 

In other words, they are allowing you to borrow the money in good faith that your account will actually be credited in the coming days.  

Keep in mind that Fidelity may not allow you to cash out of your account until the cash credits clear. In most situations, they will allow you to use the anticipated funds to make more purchases though. 

Cash Debit from Unsettled Activity

What is the Difference Between Settled Cash and Cash Available to Trade?  

At this point, you might be wondering what the difference is between settled cash and your cash available to trade. If you have a pending cash credit, then your cash available to trade may actually be higher than your settled cash. 

Cash available to trade typically represents the money available in your core as well as any cash you have coming your way from where you sold stocks. This is significantly different from the settled cash amount. 

The settled cash amount is the funds that are available in your account after all credits and debits take place. This is the amount of money you are able to withdraw from your account, if you choose to do so. 

For those who recently sold stocks at Fidelity, their cash available to trade will be much higher than the settled cash amount. If you allow the account to catch up, the two numbers will be equal in a matter of days. 

Cash Debit from Unsettled Activity: What to Do

The good news is that you don’t have to do anything if you have a cash debit from unsettled activity. The money you spent will be automatically subtracted from your core whenever the trade officially settles in two to three business days. Make sure to keep a careful eye on your account to ensure that your cash debit does indeed clear in a few days.