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Compare Astrazeneca VS SPX Corporation



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Rank 63
Country USA
Exchange NASDAQ
Currency USD

SPX Corporation


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Rank 3109
Country USA
Exchange NYSE
Currency USD

Astrazeneca - Key figures

Market cap 177.38 Billion
Revenue 44.04 Billion
Profit 27.61 Billion
P/E Ratio No information
P/s Ratio 4.029
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SPX Corporation - Key figures

Market cap 2.45 Billion
Revenue 1.3 Billion
Profit 431.8 Million
P/E Ratio 50.13
P/s Ratio 1.888
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Astrazeneca vs SPX Corporation Marketcap

Astrazeneca Market cap: 177.38 Billion USD

SPX Corporation Market cap: 2.45 Billion USD

Astrazeneca has a market cap of 177.38 Billion USD which is a 98.62% higer valuation than SPX Corporation

Astrazeneca vs SPX Corporation Revenue

Astrazeneca Revenue: 44.04 Billion USD

SPX Corporation Revenue: 1.3 Billion USD

Astrazeneca has a 97.06% higer revenue than SPX Corporation, the last quarter (Year to year) Astrazeneca revenue is up 31% and SPX Corporation is up 19.4%

Astrazeneca vs SPX Corporation Profit

Astrazeneca Profit: 27.61 Billion USD

SPX Corporation Profit: 431.8 Million USD

Astrazeneca's profit is 27.61 Billion and SPX Corporation's profit 431.8 Million the last quarter. That results in Astrazeneca's Profit being -45.1% lower and SPX Corporation's profit is down to -79.1%. (quarterly year to year)

Astrazeneca vs SPX Corporation P/E Ratio

We are missing info about Astrazeneca's P/E Ratio

Astrazeneca vs SPX Corporation P/S Ratio

Astrazeneca P/S Ratio: 4.029

SPX Corporation P/S Ratio: 1.888

Astrazeneca's price to sale ratio is 53.14% higer than SPX Corporation's

Astrazeneca - Description

AstraZeneca PLC discovers, develops, manufactures and markets prescription drugs in the areas of oncology, cardiovascular, renal and metabolism, respiratory, infections, neuroscience and gastroenterology worldwide.

The company is headquartered in Cambridge, the United Kingdom.

SPX Corporation - Description

SPX Corporation supplies infrastructure equipment for the heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC), sensing and measurement, power transmission and generation, and industrial markets in the United States, China, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and internationally.

The company is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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