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Compare Gerdau VS Enviva

Rank 2005
Country USA
Exchange NYSE
Currency USD
Industry GENERAL
Address No information
Rank 2763
Country USA
Exchange NYSE
Currency USD

Gerdau - Key figures

Market cap 7.51 Billion
Revenue 82.33 Billion
Profit 20.82 Billion
P/E Ratio 2.451
P/s Ratio 0.0913
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Enviva - Key figures

Market cap 4.03 Billion
Revenue 1.03 Billion
Profit 195.51 Million
P/E Ratio No information
P/s Ratio 3.9
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Gerdau vs Enviva Marketcap

Gerdau Market cap: 7.51 Billion USD

Enviva Market cap: 4.03 Billion USD

Gerdau has a market cap of 7.51 Billion USD which is a 46.38% higer valuation than Enviva

Gerdau vs Enviva Revenue

Gerdau Revenue: 82.33 Billion USD

Enviva Revenue: 1.03 Billion USD

Gerdau has a 98.75% higer revenue than Enviva, the last quarter (Year to year) Gerdau revenue is up 24.4% and Enviva is down -3.6%

Gerdau vs Enviva Profit

Gerdau Profit: 20.82 Billion USD

Enviva Profit: 195.51 Million USD

Gerdau's profit is 20.82 Billion and Enviva's profit 195.51 Million the last quarter. That results in Gerdau's Profit being 19.2% higher and Enviva's profit is up to 1521%. (quarterly year to year)

Gerdau vs Enviva P/E Ratio

We are missing info about Enviva's P/E Ratio

Gerdau vs Enviva P/S Ratio

Gerdau P/S Ratio: 0.0913

Enviva P/S Ratio: 3.9

Gerdau's price to sale ratio is 97.66% lower than Enviva's

Gerdau - Description


Enviva - Description

Enviva Partners, LP produces and sells general purpose wood pellets.

The company is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland.

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