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Compare Shopify VS Innoviz

Rank 62
Country USA
Exchange NYSE
Currency USD
Rank 4453
Country USA
Exchange NASDAQ
Currency USD
Address IL

Shopify - Key figures

Market cap 128.71 Billion
Revenue 4.21 Billion
Profit 1.54 Billion
P/E Ratio 37.93
P/s Ratio 30.58
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Innoviz - Key figures

Market cap 518.73 Million
Revenue -9,233,000
Profit -13,371,000
P/E Ratio No information
P/s Ratio 152.56
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Shopify vs Innoviz Marketcap

Shopify Market cap: 128.71 Billion USD

Innoviz Market cap: 518.73 Million USD

Shopify has a market cap of 128.71 Billion USD which is a 99.6% higer valuation than Innoviz

Shopify vs Innoviz Revenue

Shopify Revenue: 4.21 Billion USD

Innoviz Revenue: -9,233,000 USD

Shopify has a 100.22% higer revenue than Innoviz, the last quarter (Year to year) Shopify revenue is up 46.4% and Innoviz is up 13.4%

Shopify vs Innoviz Profit

We are missing info about Innoviz's profit

Shopify vs Innoviz P/E Ratio

We are missing info about Innoviz's P/E Ratio

Shopify vs Innoviz P/S Ratio

Shopify P/S Ratio: 30.58 USD

Innoviz P/S Ratio: 152.56 USD

Shopify's price to sale ratio is 79.96% lower than Innoviz's

Shopify - Description

Shopify Inc., a commerce company, offers a commerce and service platform in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Latin America, and internationally.

The company is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada.

Innoviz - Description

Innoviz Technologies Ltd. designs and manufactures solid-state LiDAR sensors and develops sensing software that enables mass production of autonomous vehicles.

The company is headquartered in Rosh HaAyin, Israel.

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