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Compare Shopify VS Marten Transport

Rank 62
Country USA
Exchange NYSE
Currency USD

Marten Transport


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Rank 3906
Country USA
Exchange NASDAQ
Currency USD

Shopify - Key figures

Market cap 118.82 Billion
Revenue 4.21 Billion
Profit 1.54 Billion
P/E Ratio 34.77
P/s Ratio 28.23
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Marten Transport - Key figures

Market cap 1.37 Billion
Revenue 934.1 Million
Profit 265.65 Million
P/E Ratio 17.04
P/s Ratio 1.468
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Shopify vs Marten Transport Marketcap

Shopify Market cap: 118.82 Billion USD

Marten Transport Market cap: 1.37 Billion USD

Shopify has a market cap of 118.82 Billion USD which is a 98.85% higer valuation than Marten Transport

Shopify vs Marten Transport Revenue

Shopify Revenue: 4.21 Billion USD

Marten Transport Revenue: 934.1 Million USD

Shopify has a 77.81% higer revenue than Marten Transport, the last quarter (Year to year) Shopify revenue is up 46.4% and Marten Transport is up 16.3%

Shopify vs Marten Transport Profit

Shopify Profit: 1.54 Billion USD

Marten Transport Profit: 265.65 Million USD

Shopify's profit is 1.54 Billion and Marten Transport's profit 265.65 Million the last quarter. That results in Shopify's Profit being 485.8% higher and Marten Transport's profit is up to 17.6%. (quarterly year to year)

Shopify vs Marten Transport P/E Ratio

Shopify P/E Ratio: 34.77

Marten Transport P/E Ratio: 17.04

Shopify's price to sale ratio is 50.99% higer than Marten Transport's

Shopify vs Marten Transport P/S Ratio

Shopify P/S Ratio: 28.23 USD

Marten Transport P/S Ratio: 1.468 USD

Shopify's price to sale ratio is 94.8% higer than Marten Transport's

Shopify - Description

Shopify Inc., a commerce company, offers a commerce and service platform in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Latin America, and internationally.

The company is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada.

Marten Transport - Description

Marten Transport, Ltd. is a temperature sensitive cargo truck for carriers in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The company is headquartered in Mondovi, Wisconsin.

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