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Discord Stock | Can You Invest in Discord?

Discord Stock | Can You Invest in Discord?

Discord has revolutionized the way gamers communicate with one another over the past six years. This company has a text, voice, and video chat platform that has extended beyond its original design. People now use their servers to discuss any topic imaginable in a convenient way. With over 300 million registered users at the end of last year, it makes many people wonder whether they can buy Discord stock yet. 

At the moment, you cannot buy stock in Discord. However, the company is still growing, and the ability to purchase shares may arrive shortly. Mergers have fallen through, which has positioned Discord as an independent company that may start offering public shares as a way to continue growing. 

Can I invest in Discord? Here is everything you need to know about buying stock in this growing company. 

Buy Stock in Discord

At the moment, it is not possible to purchase Discord stock. However, those who are monitoring the industry think that it may soon be on the horizon. The company has been in talks with larger tech companies to talk about an acquisition and merger. Most recently, Microsoft was rumored to offer the tech giant $12 billion to expand their own cloud gaming platform. 

The deal for all four potential mergers has fallen through, which leads many to believe that you might soon be able to buy stock in Discord. With so many lucrative offers on the table, it seems that Discord founders are more interested in maintaining their independence. They might be looking to participate in an IPO sooner rather than later. 

What does it mean to participate in an IPO? The initial public offering (IPO) means that Discord would be offering up shares of their private corporation to the public via stocks. They could use these public shares to raise more capital from investors and continue to expand the company.

Many financial gurus anticipate that the money Discord stands to earn from its IPO will easily replace funds that they could have earned through acquisition by another larger company like Microsoft. More users are finding their way to Discord than ever before as a result of the pandemic. Communication and gaming have both seen spikes, so it makes sense that the company might want to maintain its independence since it still sees rapid growth on its own. 

Is Buying Discord Stock a Smart Move? 

Generally speaking, it can be a bit risky to purchase IPO stocks. They can become inflated from the quick purchases made by big-time traders. After the initial boost, stock prices can fall rapidly and may end up losing substantial amounts of money shortly after an IPO. 

However, Discord is uniquely positioned as a leader in the gaming and digital communication sphere. With so many people still cooped at home as a result of the pandemic, these lines of communication are more important than ever before. It doesn’t seem that the company shows any signs of slowing down, now or after the IPO. 

Discord Stock

The valuation of the company has nearly doubled since the start of the pandemic. That is quite an impressive feat at a time when many businesses floundered. It is estimated that their industry will continue to increase in revenue substantially over the next three to ten years. 

Can I invest in Discord safely? While there are no guarantees in regards to how the stock will perform long-term, there is certainly potential for it to be a great investment. If this is something that interests you, you might want to snap up some of these shares as soon as they hit the market. 

Discord Stock Symbol

Because Discord stock is not a publicly traded company, it does not currently have a stock symbol. This is much like how TikTok does not have a stock symbol. However, it may come with the potential stock symbol ”DISC” which is a common short name for the app or “DISCO” as it can have a maximum of five characters for stocks traded on Nasdaq. Keep your eye on the market so that you are prepared when they do take their private company public and announce their stock symbol. 

Buying Discord Stock: On the Horizon

At the moment, Discord is raising more money in a round of Series H funding. This could give them the time to decide to merge with a larger company or to prepare for IPO. With so many companies clamoring to associate with Discord, you will want to keep your eyes open when they do finally take their company public and begin selling shares. 

Discord stock seems like it might be on the horizon soon, but we aren’t there just yet. When it does become a publicly-traded company, you might want to consider picking up a few shares. Most expect the company to grow substantially over the next few years. Investing in Discord now and holding your position could prove to be quite advantageous for your investment portfolio long-term.