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Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay?

Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay?

Dollar General is a gigantic chain of “variety” stores across the United States of America. It has more than 17,000 locations, with the executive headquarters at Goodlettsville, Tennessee. “Variety store” is a store that comprises general merchandise. Dollar General has thousands of stores, and it draws millions of customers. However, most customers have a query, “does Dollar General accept Apple Pay?”

Unfortunately, Dollar General does not take Apple Pay as a contactless payment method. We can understand that it is indeed bad news for those using iPhone and Apple watches and Apple Pay as a mode of payment method. Dollar General uses their own specific payment method, “Dollar General Go.” Like Apple Pay, it is a contactless method of payment. The store also accepts PayPal for modern users.

Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a contactless form of payment method. Apple Inc. has the distinction of launching this application worldwide for its customers. It is one of the safest and popular digital payment modes, and its launch year goes back to 2014. Many customers wonder, “Does Dollar General take Apple Pay?”

Dollar General does not take Apple Pay as a form of digital payment. The reason is very clear as the variety store giant is pushing the users to adopt its own “Dollar General Go” which is its contactless payment method.

Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay?

Does Dollar General Accept Google Pay?

Dollar General has a customer base counting in millions. Many of those customers have Google Pay as a smart payment method. However, they all ask one thing, “Does Dollar General accept Google Pay?”

Dollar General is pretty conservative when it comes to accepting digital payment methods. They have their smart payment methodology in place. Therefore, Dollar General does not take Google Pay at its retail outlets.

Does Dollar General Accept Google Pay?

What Is “Dollar General Go” and Why Is It Important?

The world is transitioning from conventional payment methods to digital forms of payment. In short, we can say that contactless payment methods are taking the lead. Dollar General is the largest chain of variety stores. Therefore, many people wonder if the store currently accepts digital payments?

Unfortunately, they do not take Apple Pay as a payment method. However, they have introduced their contactless payment method for millions of customers. Dollar General accepts their “Dollar General Go” digital payment method.

You can download the Dollar General Go app from the App store. After that, you have to make an online account free of cost. The most important step after making an account is to connect it with your credit card or debit card. Once done, your Dollar General Go is all set to go.

dollar general app

The following steps will illustrate the method of using Dollar General Go at any of its outlets:

  • Head over to any Dollar General store.
  • Pick your shopping items and scan them using your Dollar General Go app.
  • It will add them to the cart.
  • After you finish shopping, scan the QR code at the customer service counter to complete your contactless payment.

Dollar General Go is important for the customers of the store since it is the only acceptable digital payment method at the store. Other than that, Dollar General does not accept any contactless form of payment. It is very straightforward to use with its user-friendly interface.

Does Dollar General have Apple Pay?

Dollar General boasts a tremendous number of customers, mounting in millions. The customers feel comfortable shopping for general merchandise at Dollar General store. They find products at the best price with top-notch quality.

Does Dollar General have Apple Pay? For Apple Pay users, it is bad news that the corporation does not accept Apple Pay. The major reason is that they have their own “Dollar General Go” digital and contactless payment method.

Likewise, there are many customers using Google Pay. They wonder, “Does Dollar General accept Google Pay?” Unfortunately, the store does not accept Google Pay. Rather, the store offers its digital payment method, which is very easy to use.

Does Dollar General have Apple Pay?

The Crux

Dollar General is the choice of millions of customers for purchasing general merchandise. However, customers have different queries regarding payment at these outlets. They wonder, “Does Dollar General take Apple Pay?” Moreover, many Google Pay users also ponder, “Does Dollar General accept Google Pay?”

Unfortunately, the store neither takes Apple Pay nor Google Pay. On the contrary, they have their contactless payment method, which is “Dollar General Go.” Customers can download its free app and make an online account. After that, they need to connect their credit or debit card with it to start using it.