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How Much Does McDonald’s Make a Day?

How Much Does McDonald’s Make a Day?

If you are a fast-food lover, you must have had an experience with McDonald’s. McDonald's products include fast food, soft-serves, breakfast, and coffee. It is the most successful fast-food chain globally regarding annual revenue. Moreover, the food quality is top-notch with high-end professional customer service. You must be curious to know the earnings of McDonald’s. Therefore, a lot of customers and competitors wonder, “How much does McDonald’s make a day?”

McDonald’s makes $54,997,274 or 54.99 million dollars in revenue per day. That is the total daily revenue from all the 38,695 locations, spread across 120 countries of the globe. McDonald’s is indeed a global epitome in the fast-food industry. The daily revenue of 54.99 million dollars makes it in the list of Fortune 500, which are the top 500 companies globally in terms of revenue.

How Much Does McDonald’s Make a Day?

How Much Money Does McDonald's Make a Day?

McDonald’s is a fast-food chain based in the United States of America, with operational capacity spanning over the world. It leads in the real estate sector, not just the fast food. It owns all the 38,695 locations of its outlets. Therefore, it is a fortune for real estate development. Customers and consumers often inquire regarding McDonald’s daily income. They wonder, “How much does McDonald’s make a day?”

McDonald’s annual revenue is 21,074,000,000 dollars. If we divide it by 365, we will get the daily revenue of the corporation. So, the fast-food giant makes 54,997,274 dollars daily from the sales of their much-loved products. Moreover, It generates significant revenue from the rent it gets from the rented franchises. Most of the outlets work on franchise-based mechanisms.

How Much Money Does McDonald’s Make Per Year?

How Much Does McDonald's Make a Year?

There is a clear difference between revenue and profit. Revenue is the total earnings from the sales 0of goods, products, and services. On the other hand, profit or net income is the total revenue, excluding the operational and service costs. Therefore, the net income will illustrate the money earned by an organization. Customers are pretty curious regarding its income. They ask, “How much does McDonald's make a year?”

The yearly revenue is 21.074 billion dollars at McDonald's, and it mainly comes from the sales, rental payments, and royalty payments received from the franchises spread over the globe. It takes a large capital every year to operate such a mega-structured fast-food chain.

The annual expenditures of the corporation amass up to 15.049 billion dollars. The net income is the total revenue subtracting the total expenditures. Hence, the total net income that the corporation makes a year is 6.025 billion dollars.

Total Daily Income

Now, if we divide the total net income by 365, we will get the total daily income of McDonald’s. This accounts for its daily profit. Hence, 16.50 million dollars is the income per day from sales, rental payments, and royalty payments from all 38,695 outlets globally. The following table will present a clear idea of the income statement of McDonald’s:

Total Number of LocationsAnnual RevenueTotal Annual ExpendituresNet Income
38,69521.074 billion Dollars15.049 billion Dollars6.025 billion Dollars
Income statement for McDonald’s

Moreover, if someone is wondering, “How much does McDonald's make in a day?” you must be able to calculate that since you already know the annual income. You should divide net income by 365 to get the daily net income. Dividing 6.025 billion by 365, we get 16.50 million dollars. This is the income per day. The profit that the corporation makes annually is 6.025 billion dollars.

What Are the Major Sources of McDonald’s Income?

How much does McDonald’s make a day? That is the most common question in the minds of every second person. The corporation makes 16.50 million dollars per day in terms of profit. If we look for the daily revenue from the sales, it is 57.99 million dollars.

The major profit comes from the sales of its fast-food products. Moreover, it is pertinent to mention that the outlets operate in a franchise-based mechanism. Almost 93% of locations are under the operational control of people who have purchased these franchises. It owns the land of all these locations. So, it will not be wrong to say that McDonald's is a tycoon in the real estate business.

The corporation takes hefty rental payments and royalty payments from these franchises. Therefore, it makes McDonald's the highest-earning fast-food chain in the world. The following are the major sources of income for the corporation:

  • Sales of Products
  • Rent From Franchises
  • Royalty Payments

These three ways account for the most significant income methods for the corporation. You may get startled by the fact that McDonald's owns all the 38,695 locations spreading over 120 countries of the globe.

The Final Word

People cannot hide their curiosity to know the earning potential of any big organization. Therefore, many customers want to know the daily and annual income of McDonald's since it is a global brand. They wonder, “How much does McDonald’s make a day?”

The corporation makes 21.074 billion dollars in annual revenue. Revenue is the total earning from the sales of goods. Therefore, we will get the annual profit or net income if we subtract the total expenditures from the total revenue. Hence, the net income comes out to be 6.025 billion dollars. Divide it by 365, and we get 16.5 million dollars, the corporation's income per day.

McDonald’s earns mostly from the sales of its products, rental payments, and royalty payments from the franchises. it owns the land of all its 38,695 locations. In addition, it operates 93% of its outlets as a franchise-based system. In the end, the corporation charges a hefty amount from these franchises in the form of rental expenses and royalty payments. The bottom line is that McDonald's annual revenue is 21.074 billion dollars, and consequently, it makes up the list of Fortune 500 companies.