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PiVPS Forex VPS Review – Is it worth your money? ?

PiVPS Forex VPS Review – Is it worth your money? ?

Just like choosing a Forex broker, you also need to consider various factors when deciding between VPS servers. There are many companies that offer this service nowadays given the popularity of the retail Forex market, but PiVPS has managed to set itself apart. To understand why PiVPS has become popular among traders all over the world, how about looking at different aspects of its services.

VPS Service
RatingLocationPricing (Monthly)
PiVPS5/5London, New York
$6.99 – $199.9518 GB SSD – 450 GB SSD1TB – Unlimited


As a global industry, Forex traders from all around the globe share their experiences with brokers, VPS servers, etc. These reviews have been overwhelmingly positive toward PiVPS, and it isn’t difficult to see why. For starters, PiVPS is not only a Forex VPS service but it also provides Windows and Linux VPS for servers. This already demonstrates that the company can handle massive data loads while staying online, which is essential for a Forex VPS. With a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, this Forex VPS can be relied upon all through the year despite trading conditions in the market.


It is important to keep costs low, and PiVPS have ensured this by offering 3 tiers of price. The first tier offers a single vCPU core, 1.5GB RAM and 25GB of storage space. The subsequent tiers involve 2 and 4 CPU cores and 3GB and 6GB RAM respectively. Regardless of the level you choose, you will still enjoy high speed SSD storage, 1Gbps network speed, stable server OS and instant setup. As for price, it will cost you either $9.95, $19.99 or $39.99 depending on the level selected.

Having multiple options to choose from in price range is also an added bonus because you can choose exactly what you want. Imagine a professional trader using algorithms and placing hundreds of trades all through the day, they would need maximum specs for this function. For a part time trader, on the other hand, there would be no need to spend so much money and the basic subscription would work just fine. Therefore, depending on your needs and capital, you will always find a suitable option from the different levels.


Execution speed depends mainly on the location of a server, so it is important to select a Forex VPS closest to your broker. Professional traders, hedge funds and investment brokers are always jostling for space close to stock exchanges to reduce latency, and you should too by choosing a Forex VPS carefully. PiVPS has optimized its data centres to ensure the fastest speeds to London (UK) and New York (US). Since these are the main centres for Forex trading, PiVPS helps to reduce latency and increase execution speed. Many players in the interbank market are also based in these locations, and this further ensures that spreads can be kept narrow even when volatility is high.


Just as running MetaTrader on your computer requires a lot of memory, so should you expect from a Forex VPS. MetaQuotes recommends using at least 1GB RAM on your computer to run MT4 effectively, while PiVPS provides 1.5GB at the lowest tier, #1. As you install more technical indicators, algorithms and bots, you will need more RAM. PiVPS has got you still, since you can always upgrade your subscription up to #3 Forex VPS with 6GB RAM.

Storage space is also important to consider, and so is speed. This is why all subscriptions get you high speed SSD storage and a fast 1Gbps connection speed to access data. At the lowest tier, you get 25GB of virtual storage, which is enough for installing multiple MT4 platforms from different brokers and as many indicators as you would need. This means you will always have enough space, even at the lowest tier and a lot more as your needs increase.