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Skrill Withdrawal to Visa: Fees and What to Expect

Skrill Withdrawal to Visa: Fees and What to Expect

Skrill is an excellent option for your virtual wallet, but you might want to take your funds on the road with you. From time to time, you may find it necessary to orchestrate a Skrill withdrawal to Visa. This is a convenient way to access your funds so that you can go about your daily business and utilize the money that has already been deposited in your account. 

There is a $10 annual fee to use the Skrill Visa card, but this could disappear if you sign up to become a True Skriller. Beyond this annual fee, all point of sale transactions that use this card are completely free. Withdrawing funds from Skrill to your bank account usually costs $5.50, but True Skrillers will pay nothing.

For more information on the Skrill withdrawal to Visa card, here is the breakdown of what you can expect to pay. 

Skrill Withdrawal to Visa Fee

Many people love using a virtual wallet because it is a convenient and safe option for internet-to-internet bank transfers. Skrill is often used for transfer services and to facilitate activities like online gambling, forex trading, and transferring money to friends and family. Using Skrill online is extremely convenient, but you also likely need to use your money at the stores you frequent in person.

Skrill withdrawal to Visa

Withdrawing funds from Skrill to your bank account will cost you $5.50 for each transfer. It only makes sense to withdraw larger sums of money to help offset the cost. However, it is less expensive and more convenient to use their Visa card. 

The prepaid card available comes with some pretty transparent fees. There is a $10 application fee for the Visa prepaid card. Additionally, the annual cost for using the card is just $10. If you break this down by month, that means that the Skrill withdrawal to Visa is less than $1 per month. While free is always better, this is pretty reasonable and can even be avoided. 

Using the card can incur additional fees though. If you want to pull cash out of the ATM, expect a $2.50 ATM fee each time. This is right in line with what brick-and-mortar banks are likely to charge if you withdraw money from a non-sanctioned ATM. 

Beyond this, all POS transactions are completely free. You can shop until you drop (or until your Skrill account runs out of money) without facing charges. 

Skrill Withdrawal to Visa Time

While it might be nice if Skrill could instantly transfer funds to your Visa, you should prepare for the wait. Withdrawal timeframes can vary, but it usually takes one to five business days for your new balance to reflect on your Skrill Visa card. A Visa withdrawal could take up to seven days. 

If you already have money loaded on your Visa card, you can access it instantly at any local ATM.   

Becoming a True Skriller: Avoiding Fees

Skrill withdrawal to Visa

If you are concerned about the Skrill withdrawal to Visa fee, you might want to consider becoming a True Skriller. Being promoted to this level unlocks tons of bonuses when it comes to accessing your funds. True Skrillers not only have the standard wallet features and the loyalty points, but they also qualify for: 

  • A free Skrill Visa prepaid card 
  • Zero fees to withdraw funds to your bank account
  • Referral bonuses (coming soon)
  • Extra loyalty rewards (coming soon)

Becoming a True Skriller is relatively easy. All you have to do is download and log into the app on Google Play or the App Store. It will walk you through the process to verify your identity. Last but not least, you will need to make an eligible deposit. The deposit should happen with a method other than paysafecard or paysafecash.

Once you have followed these steps, you can apply for your Skrill Visa prepaid card without an application fee. Overall, there are plenty of benefits that can save you some cash just for following these steps. This is one powerful money move that you will want to make if you love using your Skrill online wallet. 

Skrill withdrawal to Visa

Avoiding the Skrill Withdrawal to Visa Fee

Skrill withdrawal to Visa is a relatively simple process, but you should prepare for any fees that you might incur. If this is a service that you plan to use, it makes sense to become a True Skriller and avoid the application fee as well as the annual fee for using the card. It can take a bit of time, but you’ll save $20 just for a few minutes of work. You may even already be well on your way to establishing your account as a True Skriller if you are already using the app and making deposits.